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Earn passive income by sharing your internet connection

Fair and secure token payouts while you sleep

Earn with Chainprox
Image is presenting Chainprox Dashboard
Image is presenting Chainprox Dashboard
What is Chainprox?

Chainprox is a tokenized platform for sharing your internet connection with other users and businesses in exchange for cryptocurrency. It is the ultimate tool for taking advantage of the otherwise unused potential of networks and devices connected to them.

ROX token

ROX is a crypto token serving as the Chainprox ecosystem's main settlement asset. Users get rewarded with ROX tokens for the bandwidth they share through their internet connections.

ROX Staking Rewards Fund

The staking rewards fund will consist of tokens from three primary sources:

1% of all ROX transactions

1% of all Proof of Proxy rewards

30% of the total supply of ROX tokens

Proof of Proxy

Chainprox is bringing back the spirit of the early days of crypto mining, when anyone could make a healthy profit with basic computer equipment. Anyone with an internet connection can share it with others to earn ROX. Any internet-connected device will work -- even a smartphone. No expensive equipment or staking required!

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Chainprox is used for

Data scraping

Geo-blockade running

Market research

Brand protection

Secure browsing

Ad verification

Global publishing

Pricing intelligence

Search Engine Optimalization

Price hunting

Data scraping

Information wants to be free, but web publishers are using increasingly powerful machine learning tools to block business data seekers. Use rotating proxies from Chainprox to beat the machines and get full access to the information you need to boost your profits.

Core team
Maurycy Konopacki

Maurycy Konopacki

Chief Operating Officer

Involved in the blockchain space since 2016. Has co-founded and spoken at multiple industry events. Author of dozens of technical articles on blockchains and cryptocurrencies.

Krzysztof Kuchta, Ph.D.

Krzysztof Kuchta, Ph.D.

Chief Technology Officer

Involved with blockchain technology since 2011 as a miner and developer. Academic lecturer. Has contributed to and advised on multiple blockchain projects.

Adrian Wrona

Adrian Wrona

Head of Business Development

Former business development manager at Citibank and mBank. Involved with blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies since 2017.

Daniel Dumin

Daniel Dumin

Head of Product Design

Involved with blockchain technology since 2018. Strong experience with products related to blockchains, fintech, and clinical trials.



Head of Partnerships

Associated with blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency market since 2016, actively participating in conferences and events. He participated in creating many technological startups.

Alan D.

Alan D.

Chief Marketing Officer

Strongly focused on building and developing new business projects. Professionally involved in the blockchain industry since 2017. Cryptocurrency enthusiast and ideologist.

Leszek Rychlewski, Ph.D.

Leszek Rychlewski, Ph.D.


Leszek is a successful entrepreneur and scientist. One of the founders of BioInfoBank, conducting many types of researches. Co-author of over 100 research papers. Creator of ESC Blockchain and Co-Founder of Adshares.

Krzysztof Bochenek

Krzysztof Bochenek


Krzysztof is the CEO of Adshares, the web3 protocol for programmatic advertising. CEO of Academic Organization Blockchain Society on SGH Warsaw School of Economics. Author and co-author of blockchain-related research projects. Strongly committed to developing blockchain ecosystems.

Kamil Jaczewski

Kamil Jaczewski


Head of Growth at Adshares. Previously COO of Sygnet.io and Business Development Director in the Polish Blockchain Technology Accelerator. Member of the Blockchain and Digital Currencies board at the Ministry of Digital Affairs and Blockchain Technology Center.




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DeFi integration

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2023 roadmap

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