fb-pixChainprox.com - Tokenized fair payouts and passive income by sharing your internet connection

Earn money by sharing your internet connection

Join the Chainprox network and get paid for every byte that flows through your internet connection.

Earn with Chainprox
Image is presenting Chainprox Dashboard
Image is presenting Chainprox Dashboard
Transparent security by design

Chainprox exclusively supports the HTTPS protocol. All traffic between web users and your computer is encrypted. That means Chainprox clients can access only your Internet connection and that’s all. No files, no data, no nothing.

Likewise, the only thing you will know about other network members is how much data they access via your connection. You will not store anything else.

Get started in 3 simple steps

Download and run the application

Download and install the application, then sign in to your account. You are now one click away from earning.

Share your internet connection

Click to activate network connection sharing and you're good to go. Chainprox will never access your personal data.

Get paid fairly for all the traffic you share

Earn ROX for every MB of web traffic you share. You can withdraw your earnings anytime.

Estimate your income

This forecast is based on your location, the number of IPs you share, and your internet connection speed.


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Start earning passive income while you sleep

All you need to start earning (passive income) is an internet connection. No matter where you are, or what device are you using. Just open the app in the background and enjoy making money!